Muck away is a term used to describe the process of removing waste or spoil from a building site, usually in the early stages of a construction project. If it’s done at the start of a new project on previously untouched ground, the excavation will usually result in the removal of vegetation and topsoil but if it’s done following a demolition of a building, it will usually result in concrete rubble and bricks.

The vehicle needed to get rid of your muck will depend on a range of factors including the size of your project. Whatever you need, we’ll make sure you get the best vehicle and service possible for your project.

If you have a big quantity of muck, our tipper hire is a great choice. Cost-effective and efficient, our tipper lorries have a capacity to carry 20 tonnes so can deal with a huge amount of waste. However, if you have a smaller quantity of muck, our grab hire is perfect. With the capacity to collect and dispose of a lot of waste in one go, it’s a time-effective and cost-effective alternative to a skip. Our nifty grab bucket even allows us to reach awkward places, such as over walls and fences, so nothing will stand in our way.

As a Cambridge waste disposal company, we operate in Cambridge and the surrounding area. Thanks to our exceptional same-day service and great prices, we’re a favourite amongst homeowners and business owners for grab hire, waste management, and muck away. If you need a muck away service that you can rely on, look no further. Get in touch today and let us do all the muck away hard work for you.