Having a large amount of waste to remove can be a tedious nightmare. Constant back-and-forth trips to waste disposal sites can cost you valuable time and money. Dick Searle has the tools to help you. Our cost-effective, same-day grab hire services can help with your waste disposal needs in Cambridge so that you can stop worrying and start relaxing.

So why would you choose to hire a grab? If you have a lot of waste, it can take a long time to dispose of it properly. Our grab lorries have the ability to collect and remove huge quantities of mixed waste, including crushed concrete and hardcore, in one go. Grab hire is not only cost-effective but also quick and easy, saving you time, money, and effort. Our grab lorries can hold well over the volume that two skips are able to, and are able to remove this amount of waste from your site in as little as twenty minutes.

Another benefit of a grab hire is that grabs are able to reach high over tall walls and fences, so we can grab your waste from awkward and cumbersome locations. This is a much better alternative than the likes of skip-hire, as it keeps physical labour to a minimum.

But grab hires have yet even more uses and benefits. Beyond the realm of waste removal, our grab hire service is also ideal for utility work and can help you to save time on loading, site clearance, and moving recyclable materials.

Dick Searle are committed to providing you with a first class-class customer experience. Punctuality, reliability, and respect are at the core of the services that w offer, and we constantly strive to make your waste removal jobs as efficient and cost-effective as possible. If you can see all the benefits of grab hire and are looking for a quote, contact Dick Searle here today.